Flooring Maintenance Tips for Dog Owners

Most of us have pretty well house trained pups, but if you’ve got a new puppy or an old dog who is starting to lose control, it can be a battle keeping your house clean and free of nasty smells. This article will cover a couple of suggestions for making sure you don’t even up wasting thousands having to get your carpet replaced.

A Great Alternative – Concrete

Here’s a great little idea if you’re having problems keeping the carpet clean – don’t have carpet at all! It’s popular and fashionable now to simply have polished concrete surfaces in your kitchen, bathroom and elsewhere around your home. If this is a path you want to look at going down, check out Floorcoat for home concrete polishing or NZGrinders for bigger, commercial polished concrete jobs.

Getting Your Carpet Cleaned

Of course, not everyone is ready to part ways with their Persian carpets just because Fido is having bowel problems. If you’re in this boat, be prepared to invest in a good carpet cleaner.

Web Marketing for Doggie Businesses

If you operate a dog related business – whether it be a competition, a dog walking biz or a boarding kennel – you need to embrace the world of websites. Many doggie biz operators rely on referrals to keep their business alive, and while that works well it’s also a little unpredictable. In order to really thrive, you need a great website and you need to learn how to market it.

Web Design

It all starts with design – you need to make a great first impression on your visitors. It can be a little expensive to get a good custom design done, so if you can’t afford it try using a professional pre-made WordPress theme. If you want a completely unique design and you’re willing to pay for it, check out a business like Artizen Web Design.

Website marketing and SEO

Once your new website is up and running, you then have to start marketing it properly. In order to do that, you need to learn about the world of search engine optimisation. This is a really complicated area, so to be honest you’re better off hiring some professionals like the team at Premium SEO NZ to help you out with this.

Eukanuba Super Dock

The Eukanuba Super Dock is a high level retriever competition. It pits the best of the best dogs against each other in 12 events to find out what they’re made of. The event is run as part of the Super Retriever Series, which has become widely regarded as one of the most popular and toughest dog competitions in the world.

But the competition isn’t all about going head to head and trying to win. It’s a fun event which represents a good opportunity to get the whole family outdoors and participating. You don’t have to be a legendary dog trainer to enter and have some fun at the Super Dock – just sign up, try your hand at some training and have a little fun!

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never tried the Super Dock before or you’ve never even entered a dog competition before – just give it a go and see how it feels! To enter simply visit the Super Retriever Series website for more details.


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